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Horrible Tenants that Pay Their Rent

Most of the time if you have a problem tenant they’ll be so dysfunctional that they won’t pay the rent. Of course you’ll have to go through an eviction and that will be a pain in the butt, expensive and chances are low you’ll collect your money.

Worst than that; however, can be the horrible tenant that sticks around, pays their rent and disrupts the entire building or causes damages. Some tenants are crazy or abusive to you or other tenants. Then there’s marijuana smokers who’ll pollute the building hallways and people who will throw garbage off their balconies. With the tenant that keeps paying their rent you may never have the glorious joy of enjoying their moving day.

People Not Cut Out For Communal Living

In spite of the fact that kicking out the people who are not cut out for communal living is very difficult, it is possible with patience and perseverance. But this article in this weekends’ Toronto Star really made me realize that us landlords have it easier than condo owners. Woman accused of Terrorizing Neighbors Told By Judge To Sell Condo.

For those people who deserve to live on a deserted island because of their antisocial behavior this is bad news. At least in rentals it is easier to get rid of bad company.

Landlords can be grateful it’s easier for them to kick out these tenants and condo owners can look forward to a possible light at the end of tunnel. I’m sure with the number of condominium buildings in Toronto that Mrs Korolekh is far from the only disruptive influence who’s making neighbors lives miserable. Oh and you make want to note the name down… I hear she’s looking for a place soon.

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