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Learn How To Avoid Common Landlord Problems using a Residential Property Manager


Landlord Rescue is an established Property Management Company servicing Greater Toronto Area including, Toronto, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Scarborough, Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, and Oshawa.


Learn how to avoid common pitfalls and problems and hire us for a very reasonable fee to manage your private rental units.

In our experience, evictions and tenants from hell are avoidable. We've been working full time in this business for many years, over 20 years, and have the experience necessary to properly manage properties. Even through the challenges times that the pandemic has put all of us through, we had ZERO evictions in 2020.

Getting great tenants is possible and it’s the cornerstone to you making any money in this difficult and challenging business.

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I’m Rachelle Berube, the writer and property manager behind this site, I want to help you succeed:

  • How to spot great tenants and avoid the bad ones

  • Protect yourself during the rental process

  • Interesting news that affects landlords

  • Be happy and calm in your role as a landlord!


It doesn’t have to be difficult and stressful to be a landlord. In fact it can be downright simple and easy.


Be one of the many landlords that gets the new information as soon as it comes out. It’s simple, just put your email into the form below. You don’t have to learn at the the school of hard knocks!

Personal Stuff About The Writer: Rachelle


Age: Ha

Weight: Ha… Ha

Marital Status: Very

Kids: One son, smarter than me

Education: George Brown College - Property Management - Graduated in 1997

Business Experience: While in second year of school, I started a construction business with a partner, I did that in conjunction with different property management contracts for different buildings, companies, a rental agency, a paralegal. I’ve worked a lot in high vacancy buildings.

Inspiration for Landlord Rescue: A small Landlord I met at the sheriff’s office who had been told by the Tribunal to pursue a case for eviction, when she already knew because of the neighbors the tenants had moved out. I saved her $330 that day. That was the moment I decided that my skills would be better used helping smaller landlords who are often preyed on by bad tenants because they don’t have the process of protections that bigger landlords employ.

What I like the most about myself: Great Problem Solver, Honest

What possessed me to start a blog? Frugal Trader over at Million Dollar Journey saw me helping people out for a while over in the Canadian Money Forum. He asked me to write some articles. This got me writing and people liked it. I had a pretty useless website and I asked my hubby to help me turn it into a blog. Before this I was unable to even log into my website. I learned pretty fast and here we are a few months later. I also write for Money Smarts Blog, he likes horrible tenant stories. It turns out I have a lot to say. Also Bloggers so far are awesome! Many people have helped me without pay just through the goodness of their hearts.

Pet Peeves: Liars, crooks, thieves. People who prey on seniors and the vulnerable.

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