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Moving Day

Evicting a Bad Tenant – We can Help


You have a crappy tenant, they don’t pay the rent or they’re causing all kinds of other problems. You find the Landlord & Tenant Board Website and you realize this is going to be damn hard. N-4? Huh?


Don’t fool around begging your tenant for rent, get the process started right away.


The Landlord & Tenant Board can be very confusing and intimidating. All you wanted to do was rent out your place and now you have to quit your job to study full time and become a legal expert.


Evictions can be stressful, confrontational and generally unpleasant. Go have a nice massage, mani-pedi and haircut and get us to deal with your nasty tenants. Come speak to us, we’ll discuss your situation, and get you set up with a competent paralegal if that’s what you need, look at the situation and go from there. We service all GTA including Markham, Scarborough, Mississauga, Toronto, Ajax, Oshawa and Brampton.



So now your tenants owe you a bunch of money, after months of waiting they’re on the street where they belong, you have an Order from the Landlord & Tenant Board. It says on your Landlord & Tenant Board Order that they owe you thousands. What’s next? Small Claims and more waiting that’s what. We can help you collect arrears and judgments from tenants.

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