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We are here for you. We have over 20 years of experience in the Property Management world along with having the in-depth knowledge and legal support to help you with difficult tenants.

Find below list of all our services.

Property Management
Apartment Property Management

Nightmare problems with tenants can be avoided by....

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Commercial Property Management

Services we provide with management are leasing of space...

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Clothing Store
Condominium Property Management

Condominiums can be quite challenging to rent especially...

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Apartment Building

You have a crappy tenant, they don’t pay the rent or...

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Moving Day
Landlord Eviction Help

Non Payment of Rent is the most common reason for eviction in...

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Business Meeting
Paralegal Advice

We work with experienced paralegals who know how to...

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Lawyer with Clients
Form Preparation Help

What you don’t want is to spend 3 months waiting for a Landlord and...

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Credit Assessment_2
Rent Collections
Residential Collections

You’ve been to the Landlord and Tenant Board, and you have...

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Commercial Collections

Landlord Rescue Inc. is able to arrange for commercial evictions and we can...

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Stock Charts in the Newspaper
Tenant Services
Tenant Consultations

Our first recommendation to most tenants is to...

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Buying an apartment
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