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We've been around the block and back and have been sharing our knowledge through various media outlets.

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Interviews with Rachelle Berube
The Future of the Rental Market.


On today's podcast, our guest is Rachelle Berube, owner of Landlord Rescue, a property management company helping landlords find and manage tenants. Rachelle shares the dos and don'ts of requesting a rent deferral from your landlord. She also talks about how COVID-19 has impacted the rental market, the death of the AirBnB industry, and why landlords will have to set more manageable rent prices going forward. Tune in; you won't want to miss her insights!

Being a Landlord isn't so Easy.


Rachelle Berube, president of Landlord Rescue, talks about dealing with difficult tenants and what landlords can do about it.

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House Money Being a Landlord Isn't so Easy
Everything You Wanted to Know About Being a Successful Landlord.


Rachelle Berube is the founder of Landlord Rescue. She has 25 years’ experience as a property manager. Rachelle rents properties on behalf of homeowners and manages properties. She does all the work for the homeowner. She shows the property, screens the tenants and makes up leases. She works hard to match the tenant to the homeowner.

In my interview with Rachelle, we discuss the benefits of being a landlord, avoiding bad tenants and how to determine whether it’s better to manage a rental property on your own or hire a property manager.

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BYM Podcast 64 with Rachelle Berube
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