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10 Ways to Be a Great Landlord

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I’m on vacation for a few days. I love my blog and I want to post. I’m on dial-up. I’m telling you that this really sucks. I feel stranded, my iPhone doesn’t work here either. This post is going to be short and sweet.

These are attitudes that will help you navigate your business. Boundaries are important both for you and the tenant.

  1. Firm But Fair – Your tenants are not your friends but the relationship should be friendly

  2. Fix Your Place – If something breaks fix it as soon as you can within reason and keep the tenants in the loop. If it can’t be fixed right away let them know why

  3. Use Email for Maintenance Requests – This way you have it in writing when you received the complaint and when you fixed it.

  4. Say No – Don’t change light bulbs or fuses. In the case of fuses show the tenant how. Unless you have a great tenant who’s been there for many years, you don’t need to upgrade either. Learn to say no to unreasonable requests.

  5. Do Serve Legal Forms for Non Payment ASAP – The economy is tight and life is tough. Don’t let your tenants slide on the rent because they may end up getting themselves into a situation that they cannot recover from. Being broke is better than being homeless.

  6. Be Professional – Your problems are not your tenants problems. No matter how much you hate your husband or how much the broken dishwasher is going to cost, it’s not your tenants business.

  7. Develop a Not My Problem Shield – If your tenant shares their problems with you, don’t make it your problem. If it’s embarrassing, never mention it again. Be discreet. Be kind. If it’s really funny email me 🙂

  8. Keep Your Side of The Street Clean – Be respectable even if the people you are dealing with are not. Follow the law. If you are going to break the law make it worth it.

  9. Acceptance – Not everyone is going to have high moral standards or be clean. Being able to let go is an asset. As long as they’re paying their rent, the longer they stay, the more time you have to save money to rent a bin. I can assure you that no matter how hard you try, your tenant will not change their lifestyle for you. Trying to change others will drive you crazy

  10. Don’t Micromanage – If you find yourself driving by the property to see if someone left the lights on. Stop. The lawn is a little longer than you’d like? Stop. If it’s a field that’s different.

There you have it. My list of attitudes that will help you navigate the business.

Happy Landlording From The Great White North!


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