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Canadian Personal Finance & Investing Carnival

people going over a plan

The Personal Finance & Investing Carnival (8th edition) is off to a roaring start… I submitted my post Your Personal Residence is an Expense. I went over and investigated the submissions.

My Top Three Picks

  1. In honour of my Dad who is 70 and still works 7 days a week this is my first pick, Retirement is About More Than Just Money Anyone who has been unemployed for a period of time will tell you that if you don’t have anything worthwhile to do, doing nothing becomes the worst job you have ever had. For many people, especially those that like their work, retirement is boring and meaningless.

  2. 7 Wealth Building Strategies - A back to basics guide to making and keeping money. The book these tips were based on was originally published in 1926, which illustrates that some knowledge is timeless.

  3. Did you know that I am French? In any case… Here’s Why The French Pension Protests Matter Basically all the European countries including France are having to cut their budgets. The citizens don’t like it.

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