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Discrimination Case Update

A while back I wrote a post about the stupidest landlord alive, a man who must have been hiding under a rock the past few years. He missed the advent of rights for gays and lesbians and he’s a thief too. If you haven’t read the story already, it’s here Landlord 101 – Discrimination Edition.

Don’t Panic

Later on I did some research to find out if getting sued for discrimination was a significant risk and then concluded that it wasn’t in Landlord 102 – Discrimination Edition.

Can I Please Have a Lawsuit?

The landlord in our Yellow Knife case really went above and beyond to try to get sued. He might even have a “So Sue Me” tattoo. Here’s a bunch of equally stupid things you can also do to get sued.

  1. Take all the batteries out of your smoke alarms, tell the tenants you’re going to test them, never bring them back.

  2. Hire the local teenagers to perform major mold remediation work, they were just hanging around uselessly anyways.

  3. Then hire them to re-shingle your roof, make sure they don’t wear any safety equipment, it’ll keep them sharp.

  4. Rent to a lawyer, just use your master to key to let yourself in whenever you like, eat some food and read some magazines while you wait for them to get home. Yell Boo! Rinse and repeat as needed.

You too can get your very own lawsuit! If you really stretch yourself you can get some press as well. Doesn’t everyone deserve their15 minutes of fame?

Lawsuit Update – Breaking News

So what happened to our incredibly discriminatory landlord? He got a $13,000 fine from the Human Rights Adjudicator. Pretty impressed? I’m not. $13,000 is chicken scratch for lawsuits. It would hurt like hell to write that check but if you consider that the woman who spilled hot coffee in her lap got $2,700,000 from McDonalds, it’s nothing.

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