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I was Wrong About REIN

A few days ago I wrote an article about How to Avoid Being Ripped Off. In it I spoke about the Real Estate Investment Network as the place the victim met her predator. I was wrong. It appears that the victim met her predator at a free real estate investment seminar. Not surprisingly, attending such seminars is a popular pass time with people who are interested in real estate. I believe the predator in question claimed to be a REIN member but he is not. He also claimed to be a good guy and absconded with her money.

REIN Contacts Me

Since then I was contacted by a rather nice gentleman from REIN, who wanted me to change my initial post. I refused and gave him further details and we’ve been talking back and forth about it. I asked more questions of the victims and the post has now been edited. I could have left it at that…and preserved my ego. I’d rather be honest. REIN will verify any claims of membership if someone is claiming to be a member.

Ethics & House Cleaning

Furthermore, it appears that REIN actively kicks out members who take advantage of others and tries to resolve serious disputes. They seem to be very concerned about taking care that none of their members is victimized and that REIN be a safe place to learn and conduct business. They also have their code of ethics and a warning about due diligence regarding members, family and anyone you do business with. I didn’t ask if I could reproduce it on my blog so I won’t for now but it is a very nice guideline. The gentleman has also offered to assist our victim. It seems that REIN is very concerned about bad reports and press.

I get invited to an Event

I have also been invited to attend one of their functions so I could see it for myself. I will be going later on this year and will keep you posted on any further developments. So far I’m impressed. I’m not sure if you noticed, but I have a tendency to be suspicious and irritable at times, in this case I am pretty much completely wrong. I’ll also ask for help from REIN and see if we can stop this guy from ripping more people off.

Go Check REIN Out

If you want to go check REIN out yourself, you can sign up for their online forum. They are also giving away a free EBook about good areas to invest in for future appreciation.

If you liked this post, go directly to the nearest asylum, right after subscribing. Today’s perk is sincere hope that all your deals be WIN-WIN that you save the $1800 for REIN membership and talk to the copious landlords who will tell you ad nauseum about their business for free!

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