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It's airbnb, you idiot

In today's news... the well deserved eviction of an entitled airbnb tenant runs the rounds of the sympathy press.

What the hell is wrong with people these days, they have no sense or integrity or resilience. They're just entitled Karens.

So you rent an Airbnb, and you want it for longer and it doesn't work out and you have to move, its and Airbnb. If you don't want to rent an Airbnb, rent a long term place, make an application, suffer the landlord version of the colonoscopy, and pay first and last, and have good canadian credit, and a great long term job here.

Part of the reason you have to suffer like a bastard to qualify for a place is because of loser tenants who destroy places and rip off landlords with complete enabling of the Ontario Government and fraud which goes unpunished.

This is also why there are a ton of places on Airbnb, because the people who own them are not at all interested in renting to long term tenants because of liability.

Tenant Activists and people are complaining like whiny little bitches about these people who as they say should turn to the long term market at great risk to be victimized by tenants who are simply taking advantage and disgusting scammers.

Anyways, anybody who rents an Airbnb is aware of what it is. You're not a tenant.

28 Days has nothing to do with creating a tenancy. There is nothing in the Residential Tenancies Act that states that length of stay has anything to do with being a tenant.

So if you get a date from backpages, it's not a wife. You can't really complain that this lady you hired by the hour is not acting like a demure bride.

Just give your damn head a shake. I can't even.

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