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Joint Venture Adventures

I’m trying to find joint ventures. So far no luck. I feel like with my level of experience managing properties it should be easy enough to find people who have money who want to invest but don’t know anything about property.

So far people are very happy to monopolize my time and talk to me at great length and pick my brain but the minute I start talking about a joint venture they’re off like a shot.

I found a bunch of very nice properties for one of my real estate agent friends and he was very impressed in spite of the fact that he has access to the MLS that I don’t have. We saw a number of interesting properties. He’s constantly telling me how I’m wasting my time renting properties blah blah. So I said to him lets do a joint venture which he seemed opened to. In fact he brought the subject up initially. So when I told him the terms he seemed fine, then…. nothing he’s not returning my calls now.

In fact lots of people have contacted me about doing stuff with me, they like my ideas but then when it’s time to actually do a deal they are remarkably scarce. So I must be doing something wrong. Figuring out what the problem is now that’s a challenge.

I’m thinking it has something to do with presentation. I don’t exactly fit the conventional mold of real estate success. I have to sell people on the quality of my ideas. I have to work harder on developing a better, more impressive plan.

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