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Landlords & Marijuana

Pot plant

In landlord news today from Rhode Island, this poor landlord who is enjoying the combined bliss of a deadbeat tenant and a medical marijuana grow op in her rental house. Rhode Island Landlord Protests Marijuana Growing Tenant. The author of the article seems to think the landlord should just chill out. Crazy upset landlord having to take on a second job or use her savings to subsidize the rent for her joint toking, much more easy going tenant.

Canadian Rules for Medical Marijuana Growing

Here’s the link to the consent form from Health Canada for Consent From The Property Owner.

Form F – Consent of Property Owner

This form must be completed and signed by the property owner(s) when the proposed production site is not the ordinary place of residence of the applicant and is not owned by either the applicant or, where applicable, the designated person.

So basically how it reads to me is as long as your tenant lives in the house they don’t need your permission to grow weed.

If someone wants to rent the space to grow weed and not live there well then they need permission. Just lovely.

Main Problem with Marijuana for Property Owners

First is possible damage of the premises by the growing process, we can assume that Health Canada has adequate rules and methods to grow the plants safely without damaging the property. That’s a humongous assumption by the way. This is actually my greatest fear regarding grow operations. I’ve seen a few apartments that were turned into illegal growing operations and it wasn’t very pretty, there were damages to the electrical panel and lights strung everywhere. There wasn’t any mold in the places I saw but clearly this is also an extremely expensive risk.

Marijuana Reeks

To other people who don’t smoke pot, it smells very bad. If cannabis smokers smoked outside landlords would hate them less. Unless of course, the landlord partakes of the evil weed in which case you’d better share. Property managers are also uptight about pot smoke in buildings because they have to explain to the 85 year old senior who lives down the hall from you, what that funny smell is. They also have to calm down the mother of the 7 year old who has to walk through the cloud in the hall outside your door. So yeah, property managers pretty much hate pot smokers because they don’t need the extra work, and they can’t do much about all the complaints they get about it.

It’s Even Worse In a Duplex House

Ahhh the cheery smell of a freshly smoked joint coming right up the vents. How much better can your life get? Good luck finding two tenants who smoke weed and will live in peace. Tenant vs Tenant, you can relive your kindergarten years as they complain relentlessly about each other. Why is it that 9 of 10 times it seems to be the basement tenants who smoke too!

Smoke Outside, Dudes

Landlords are square,

We like to breathe air,

So go smoke outside,

of the place you reside.

What’s a Landlord To Do?

The biggest problem is that these days even the police don’t care too much about the illegal pot smokers. Trafficking and grow ops are still. Taking this issue to the Landlord & Tenant Board will be a real stinker. First it’s hard to prove a smell, you’ll need documentation and proof, times and dates, notices and warning letters. You’ll need to be committed and organized about the process. For many landlords, certainly those in buildings it isn’t worth the trouble. I’ve certainly knocked on doors and had discussions with tenants about their habits disturbing other tenants.

Communal Living is Tough

Monitoring people so that they live together in peace is always difficult. Common sense is not common. Respect of others and their requirements is hard to legislate. Our job is further complicated by people needs in this case for medical treatment and sometimes for a good time. The weighing of one tenants’ rights against the other is delicate and obviously no one ends up happy.

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