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Leasing Houses and Weather

It’s a rainy day here in the city of Toronto and it brought to mind something I have noticed through years of renting. When the weather is bad you rarely rent anything. Summer, winter, spring and fall I have noticed that bad weather and impending bad weather has a profound effect on people.

You know those days where you look outside and you just want to stay in bed? The sky is overcast and grim. Well potential tenants feel the same way. As we speak I’m waiting for a confirmation call for an apartment. They are late 5 minutes so it’s probably a no-go. That’s what I’m talking about.

I once had 12 people scheduled to see an apartment, confirm and not show up! It was a very horrible weather evening. I did not appreciate it myself, having dragged my butt off the couch to traipse halfway across town in a downpour.

I’m not even getting calls today because the weather is so unpleasant. Poor me…

If some poor soul does drag themselves to the place, you are unlikely to get them to rent. So what does this mean? It means don’t take it personally and possibly try to reschedule on bad weather days. Your chances of getting your place rented on a bright sunny day are much better. Don’t feel guilty! Feel smart if you change the appointment to another day when the weather sucks!

Happy renting !

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