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A while back I wrote a post about Real Estate Investment Requirements for Success. In that post I detailed how there are actually two parts to being successful in real estate investment. My experience has been in managing and making money for the owners of the property I’m given. There is no choice for Property Managers.

Finding, Buying, Financing the Property

I know what a good investment property looks like. I find that I don’t know enough about financing. I know the odd bit but not enough for me. As a property manager you don’t usually ever get to pick or have anything to do with financing the property. I picked up the odd tidbit here and there but nothing substantial.

I Decided to Get Smarter

I like to learn. No one knows everything, and I try to better myself. A few months ago I didn’t know anything about blogs and websites, I still have a lot to learn but now I know quite a bit. I’m doing well. Blogging is not the only new skill I can learn.


I’m also always looking for more ways to make money and expand my skills and my usefulness to landlords and get an edge on the competition. Believe me, every Christmas time, I get poor. Leasing is slow… money goes out. Taking on a new kind of work that evens out the lean times works for me. So I decided to become a mortgage agent. I’m waiting for the correspondence course as we speak.I’ll be able to tell you guys what I learn. I’ll even get to dust the cobwebs out of my brain. I took a whole semester long course on mortgage math in property management school. We’ll see if it helps.

My Dilemma – HELP!

Now I’m looking for a reputable company to work for. I’m not leaving my main business, I’m just offering more services. I’m also not stopping the blog. I love real estate; I love being my own boss. If you ever worked in buildings you’d understand why. I don’t know which mortgage companies are the best to work with. If you guys have any ideas or input now I need advice. If you know of any particularly crooked companies to stay away from, I’d appreciate the heads up. Now’s your chance to vote!

Mortgage Companies Reading This!

I’ll be awesome. Why should I work for you? Why are you the best company? Tell me about your compensation package. I’ll even let you pony up for the schooling and licensing expenses. Don’t thank me now!

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