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New CREA Forecast Out

Well I wish I could go back in time and change my mind about something I said multiple times when I am wrong. My ethics allow me to say things like “I was wrong” or “I made a mistake” or “What was I thinking?” Let’s face it I’ve made it clear that I can’t predict the future but it’s also not my job.

CREA on the other hand is supposed to be “forecasting” the real estate market. For the third time this year… their new forecast for 2010.

These guys get paid big bucks to tell us what is going on. They’re experts!

This is my forecast for 2010. Ready?

Gravity will be a downer. Water will be wet. Some people will die. Some people will be born. Something terrible will happen. Something wonderful will happen. A famous celebrity will die. A famous celebrity will go to rehab. Movies will continue to be made. There will be scandals on the stock market. Some stocks will go up. Other stocks will go down. Politicians will continue to lie.

The real estate market down 10% by the end of December.


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