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New Free Website for Rental Ads – Rent Compass

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I found out about this new website for placing free rental ads. There’s lots of websites with free ads but they’re pretty similar. One problem I have with these is the spam that you get after posting but this one is moderated (someone looks at the ads) so that will cut out the spammers.

I spoke to the owner of the site Rent Compass about his service and how it works. Basically it’s free unless you are a building and want extra services. The reason it’s different is because it’s the only site in Canada that offers rentals on mobile devices. You can also access it from the website.

How Rent Compass Works For The Landlord

First you go to the Rent Compass site, then you give out your email address. Then you’ll be asked for details including the postal code. You can enter a thousand character description of the property and five pictures. As a special bonus, the site then creates a craiglist ad for you with a few additional steps.

How Rent Compass Works For The Tenant

The website is primarily designed to work with iPhones and other smart phones. It uses the GPS in the phone to tell the searcher what rentals are available in the area and is easily searchable on smart phones. The potential tenant goes to the App Store and downloads the free app so they can search for apartments. This is great to access younger renters who use their phones for everything from texting to internet and even sometimes calling people.

What I like About Rent Compass

  1. Free

  2. Easily post ads on 2 sites at the same time

  3. Targeted to young people

  4. Pictures

This site is easy to use, and has very clear instructions on how to post ads. I really like the idea of a person checking ads to make sure they aren’t spam before posting. I really like the idea of easily posting on both Craigslist and Rent Compass simultaneously.

Happy Turkey Day everyone and don’t forget to sign up for my email subscription.

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