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Shameless Contest Post

If you ever wondered what people do during the week I can assure you that they’re not working as much as they could be. Bloggers will tell you that on the weekend when you would think that people are catching up on their internet, they are not. Bloggers are, geeks are. Readers are reading my blog when they should be working. Cheers.

I was catching up on my reading after spending the entire afternoon at the pool, feeling guilty because I didn’t write a blog post this morning when I found a contest for an iPad, a gold coin and the ultimate prize a titanium spork with a Star Trek Logo over at Where Does All My Money Go?

Now here’s the deal about blogging, it turns you into a geeky statistician that only other bloggers understand. How many subscribers? Traffic? It even crazier because you can check this stuff in a number of different places, NONE OF WHICH AGREE. I’m not sure I’m doing well except for readers are emailing me about how great I am. This is a welcome change from renting apartments. When you lease an apartment, the only calls you get are from people who get bad tenants so no news is good news. Then a few years later if you did a good job they call you back.

Back to the contest! Preet Banerjee blogs over a Where Does All My Money Go. I love his byline “Preet Banerjee, B.Sc., FMA, DMS, FCSI is the W Network’s Money Expert. He is a former stockbroker and financial planner. Prior to that, he was a race car driver, and before that he trained to be a neuroscientist. Basically, he can’t hold down a job for very long.” My resume to yours Preet. Except while you where training to be a neuroscientist I was training to be neurotic and now that I finally have mastered it, I can move on to something new.

My son loves my iPhone and my husband’s iPod Touch. He’s 2 1/2 now and we have to keep an eye on him or he’ll delete contacts and change settings on my phone. The first game he played on the iPod was a simple game where you get a mouse to eat the cheese. Except he decided that the mouse was hilariously funny when it ran away. So he made it run away. Over and Over and laughing and shouting Run Away! My husband’s iPod became known as Mouse, a name that has stuck. My husband loves anything Apple. He takes my son on treks to go visit Big Mouse. They go visit at Best Buy, the Apple store, anywhere iPad is you will find those two admiring it and playing with it.

So when I read about Preet’s contest to win an iPad over at Million Dollar Journey I was all in! Preet has clearly retained some of his neuroscientist training, as he has devised a complex maze of commands so you can enter as many times as possible. Comment, tweet, facebook and finally the last step in the epic quest to win the elusive iPad is…publish a blog post. For all we know he’s selling the data to Apple. How far will people go to win an iPad? We don’t know. Lets hire Preet to figure it out. Next week he’s giving away a Mac Book Air all you need to do is climb the Rocky Mountains, waving the Quebec flag, hopping on one foot backwards while twirling a hula hoop. Then you put your orange ballot in the box left of the highway beside the brown house. That’s it!

Thanks Preet for the giveaway and congratulations on 3 years of blogging!

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