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5 Tips Learned From Flipping Out

guy flipping

I’ve watched Jeff Lewis of the TV show Flippin Out. This is probably the only show about flipping houses left on TV now that the United States real estate market has collapsed.

If you haven’t watched it, it was originally about a designer, Jeff Lewis, who bought, renovated and flipped house in California. He really makes the show, he’s unabashedly neurotic, obsessive compulsive about cleanliness, and perfectionist. This season the show’s focus has changed because no one can successfully flip house in a descending real estate market.

Five Tips Learned From Flippin Out

  1. Know yourself – Jeff knows he’s nuts and goes with the flow. He positions himself so that his perfectionism and neurosis is an asset.

  2. Resilience – When the real estate market collapsed, Jeff clearly had some set backs, but, the next season he hasn’t stopped, he’s designing renovations for other people.

  3. Surround Yourself With Supportive People – Jeff’s found and nurtured people who care for him and want the best for him. People who betray him are cut out of his life like rotten fruit.

  4. Balance – Jeff runs his business from his home, his pets wander in and out of the office, drinks are served when everyone works late; yet, somehow it all works because of balance.

  5. Find Your Niche – Jeff is so exceptionally talented at design, that people will accept and even embrace his idiosyncrasies.

My life has shown me that everybody I get to know has their own problems. In my case, I can’t handle public transit and crowds. I just don’t like being that close to people I don’t know. I don’t like them breathing my air and then I have to get off the bus. Does it matter?

Not one bit.

Alternatively, I am not afraid of public speaking, an activity feared more than death by 60% of the population. Does it matter? Sure it’s great. It’s useful for making presentations, during business meetings and even at weddings.

So know your strengths and weaknesses and do more of whatever you excel at. That is the path to success. Don’t punish yourself for falling short, pick yourself up, learn and continue.

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