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All Your Applications are Fake

Here's a list of fake documents I have seen in my collection files. I got these files from landlords who want us to enforce their Landlord and Tenant Board Orders. Many of these fake applications come from real estate agent's clients.

  1. Driver's license

  2. Passport

  3. Bank Statements (with stamp)

  4. Credit Report

  5. Landlord references

  6. Real Estate Agent reference

  7. Pay Stubs

  8. Job Letter

  9. Employer...

Nothing is real unless verified.


You use the credit check to verify all the other documents for veracity. But if they don't match employers or old residence that's not an automatic no, as it's common for these not to be updated.

Checking employers these days is the worst, even big companies do not answer their phones in a reasonable time frame. There are fake company websites with fake numbers for you to call.

Knowing that everything can be faked, is very valuable knowledge.

Not that long ago I attended an apartment for an inspection, and the tenant (fake credit check and application and employer) had never lived in the place and we could not contact her. So apparently entire people can be faked, and a drug dealer can move in, not pay rent, and have his girlfriend pretend to be the tenant. The lady pretending to be the tenant was asked to show ID and could not.

Rental applications are faker than my diet. Be careful out there...

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