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CAIC Conference – REITs

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

I really enjoyed myself at the Canadian Apartment Investment Conference. Even though the bulk of my business is with smaller landlords, I must admit that I miss working in a building at times.

I used to think a building would be a perfect setting for a sitcom; weird potential tenants, building owner, existing residents, staff, contractors and cleaning staff all interacting in dysfunctional yet humorous ways. Some situations are unbelievably funny, then the same afternoon, an irate and out of control tenant can come into the office and the police have to be called. It keeps you on your toes.

The very first part to the series about the actual conference is Canadian Apartment Investment Conference – REIT Executive Panel. There was even a honourable mention for property managers and how important they are.

Apartment Building Funny

Once upon a time two well endowed strippers came to try to see an apartment. The cranky, crotchety building owner was peering into his surveillance camera and saw them approach the rental office. He cackled evilly and said to his poor over worked rental agents “Don’t you rent to those beautiful charming over exposed ladies with 6 inch heels”.

The rental agents had been tirelessly traipsing up and down the elevators all day with potential tenants, they were exhausted. The decided to utilize the skills of the pudgy yet lascivious property accountant to perform the fruitless task of showing the apartment to the busty ladies.

The accountant, who usually laboured unceasingly in his dusty ledgers, was grateful for the exciting interlude.

The End

OK so maybe you had to be there.

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