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Canadian Landlord Law

Every landlord should know what the law is in their particular province. Every province is different and I have heard from landlords in most provinces saying that their province is the worst. The truth is that every province has challenges, rules and regulations that have to be followed. Some provinces have rent control, others have vacancy decontrol, it’s a bit of a confusing jungle.

Here are the links to your provincial Landlord & Tenant Boards. I find the redacted orders particularly useful. These are orders of the boards that have the names of the landlords and tenants removed. Checking these out will give you a feel for how the law is applied. You’ll want to check out your province’s site so you know what to do in common situations such as damage or non payment of rent.

Go check out what you have to do as a landlord to keep on the straight and narrow. It’s probably not as exciting as finding out things as you go along… but considering the kinds of expensive surprises you can get as a landlord, it’s a blessing.

These government websites are a great resource to the landlord make sure you use them.

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