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Canadian Real Estate Blog Carnival

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

I have decided to start a Canadian Real Estate Blog Carnival. A while back Mike a blogger who owns both Money Smarts Blog and Blogthority which was a huge help in figuring how to increase traffic recommended that I submit to blog carnivals. You can read more about the benefits of it here The Importance of Links and Link Building.

The only problem was there were no decent real estate blog carnavals. I did submit to one but one of the featured articles was about serial killers. So I decided to start my own. It has taken me a while to figure this out but there are a lot of small but high quality blogs about real estate. We’re just not very visible. I will help us all get more readers and traffic. The other problem is that it’s important that it be Canadian content. I have noticed that sites the have US content publish things that are are not relevant to Canadian Real Estate Investors.

Submitting to Canadian Real Estate Blog Carnival

It’s easy to submit, just email the link to any article on your blog that you think has the greatest value to other investors, landlords and success of even funny stories to Yes, I know I spelled carnival in French. I will also be emailing all the real estate bloggers I know and if you know any that you think should be featured let them know about this as well.

Linking Back to The Carnival

Once the carnival post is up then you put up a post on your blog like…

Hey readers…One of my favourite articles has been accepted at the Canadian Real Estate Blog Carnaval. Go check it out!

Hosting The Carnival

I will host the first edition of the Canadian Real Estate Blog Carnival here and CanuckLandlord will host the next edition. Where it’s going next nobody knows. Hosting the carnival consists of picking the best submissions, commenting on them, and linking everything else you get that is relevant to real estate investing, landlords or success stories.

To host the Carnival you should have submitted an article before.

Timing of Carnival Submissions

Once per month seemed not often enough and once a week seemed too often so I decided on a bi weekly format. The 1st Edition of the Canadian Real Estate Blog Carnival will go live September 30th 2010, the 2nd Edition will go live October 15th 2010 and so on.

For Real Estate Blog Readers

Got a favourite real estate blog or article that helped you? Send it in and I’ll contact the blogger and ask them to submit it. Or… we’ll create a category of reader submissions.

Without you guys reading our blogs, we’re just a tree falling in the forest, lonely, neglected and unloved. Bloggers love you!

It’ll be great,if you have any questions email me at

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