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Durham Real Estate Investment Group

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

Guests at a conference

I’ve been invited to speak about Deposit – Risks and Benefits at the Durham Real Investment Group tomorrow. I really like that this group is free to join and is focused on the Durham Region.

I’ll let everyone know how it turns out. I’d love to be able to record it and then I could post it on the site. Unfortunately I have no idea how to record speeches or what the facilities are like. I worry about sounding like an idiot, especially because there’s a Question and Answer session after the speaking. I’m actually a pretty good speaker, but someone might just ask me “what is the sound of one hand clapping?” and I forget everything I ever learned about property management and deposits.

List of Things That Could Go Wrong While I’m Speaking

  1. Amnesia

  2. Nose Bleed

  3. Something stuck between my teeth

  4. Fall down after tripping over a wire

  5. Hair goes all crazy 1 min before presentation

  6. A spider bites me while I’m talking

  7. Suddenly become a stutterer

  8. Hecklers

  9. Get arrested for punching the heckler in the nose

  10. Audience falls asleep

The opportunity is exciting and it comes from writing this blog. I’m actually really sorry that I didn’t post this earlier, but believe it or not I was actually worried about hecklers, I’ve actually managed to attract a few haters. A while back I had a guy who emailed me several times a day telling me that I was ugly and didn’t know anything. I also currently have a couple people who go to every forum I go to just arguing any single thing I say because I said it.

I was really grateful that they hadn’t found Canadian Money Forum, I’ve made a lot of friends there and it was very upsetting to be attacked by these people. Then last week they showed up! How horrible is that?

I’ll try to get braver in the future about announcing where I am going. A few days from now on the 15th I’m going to the Canadian Apartment Investment Conference and I’ll be reporting what the speakers have to say there about the state of the nation. That’s just next week.

I’m also supposed to hear soon about attending a REIN event.

It’s all very exciting and all these opportunities are coming my way because I started blogging. I’ll forever be grateful to Frugal Trader for getting me started on this path.

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