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LTB = Kafkaesque Nightmare

I have to tell you all what a disaster and train wreck the LTB is. It's so awful, no matter how awful you imagine it to be, it's worse.

"Kafka's work is characterized by nightmarish settings in which characters are crushed by nonsensical, blind authority. Thus, the word Kafkaesque is often applied to bizarre and impersonal administrative situations where the individual feels powerless to understand or control what is happening"

This is the story about Joe (Guiseppo) Roberto and his wife and their rental property and their deadbeat tenants.

Common Story - The tenants applies for the house and all the documents are faked. Tenants don't pay rent. Feb 24 2022 the application was filed at the Landlord and Tenant Board and on August 30 2022, a hearing was held (LTB-L-011102-22).

Usually, this would be close to the end of the nightmare for the owner but in this case, it's only the beginning. The Landlord and Tenant Board Service standards used to allow 10 days for the Adjudicator to issue the Order from the case, and now they allow 30 days for the LTB to issue the Order, however this landlord has yet to receive his Order from August 30 2022.

From Filing of the Order to the Issuing of the Order is over 350 days.

What steps should you follow if your Order is overdue?

  1. Email the Board (Joe's done this multiple times)

  2. Email Doug Ford's office (Done)

  3. Contact the Ministry of the Attorney General (Also Done)

  4. Call the LTB (Good Luck Getting Through)

  5. Call the Ombudsman (Joe's done this too)

  6. Get Media Attention (Done)

  7. Ask for a Hearing Recording

  8. Pray.

In December Joe even got a letter from the Vice Chair of the Landlord And Tenant Board.

Joe emails the Landlord and Tenant Board every day, and no Order has come to this day February 22 2023.

Simone Cleary - Serial Rent Thief

Simone Cleary, the tenant living rent free in Joe's unit is featured on Canlii, where she ripped off a previous landlord. for $9,598.57.

I asked Joe to file a Freedom of Information request, to check how many other times she has ripped off other landlords prior to when records became available in 2019.

I feel so bad for Joe, he's doing everything right, but the system is so messed up they can't even issue an Order for non payment of rent. Then they say they're gonna do something and then nothing.

I have heard of cases being reheard by a new member because an old member left. It just blows me away how much lack of accountability this Joke of LTB is.

The courts are required for the proper functioning of society, when transactions go wrong. Landlords are just going to take matters into their own hands, faced with this kind of incompetence and bankruptcy from having to carry the expense of these deadbeat tenants.

Sucktacular LTB Incompetent AF

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