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My Sonshine

Have you ever heard the saying “Life is what happens when you are making plans”? Well that is what happened to me a few years ago when I took a pregnancy test.

Since I was 18 I have been told that I couldn’t have children. I had surgery August of 2007 and was again told that it was impossible.

It is very difficult to be told that you can’t have kids and for someone like me that loves family it was heartbreaking.

So I was blithely going about my business. I had been laid off/quit my job in October and was already planning to start my business Landlord Rescue. This plan was derailed by the unprofessional actions of my boss. I went to visit my boyfriend Fritz who moved from California to Pennsylvania to be closer to me. Then he came to visit me.

I had just received all my EI payments from October to February and signed up for the SEB program. It was a great program to help people on EI start their businesses. I had done the initial interview and had made it to the second stage of the process when I found out I was pregnant.

I had to sit Fritz down and tell him that he was getting a promotion to father from carefree guy. This after we had talked at length about my not being able to have children. I was incredibly nervous and I had no idea what the hell he was going to say or do. Fortunately it all worked out well, he’s still here.

So there I was trying to start a business all excited and ready to give it my all when boom I find out I’m pregnant.

Let me tell you about being pregnant. It’s nothing like they say it is going to be!!!! I had romantic thoughts about pregnancy but now that I’ve experienced it personally I can assure you it’s no walk in the park. I was very sick, I got a weird foot infection, gestational diabetes and could hardly walk due to some weird problem with my hips. Between the different doctors wanting to see me and 11 ultrasounds I tried to rent properties. The easy part was the labour, I went into the hospital around 2 pm in the afternoon, I was induced and just sat there until about 7 pm with nothing at all happening and I had the baby by 11ish.

Ironically I was quite disappointed with the quick and easy labour. I had entered a contest at Sears where if you predict your due date they give you a gift certificate in the amount of whatever you registered and bought there. We had bought our stroller and baby seat there and a few other items. All told there was over $600 on the line. If Matthew had been born 45 minutes or so later….. I would have won the contest. After the horrible pregnancy I had and all the birth horror stories I heard, I was expecting to be in labour for at least 100 years.

Instead it was anticlimactic and the easiest part of the entire pregnancy.

I did get the epidural, the nurses kept asking me if I wanted to wait. It was kind of funny. We have the technology to go through a pretty painless delivery with minimal risk yet it seems that some women want to experience childbirth the “natural” way. I’m not sure why, I don’t see the point in it. I’m convinced it hurts and don’t see the need to suffer. Then the epidural guy got there, he says to me I have two kinds a slow kind and a fast kind. So I asked him “What’s the difference?” “Is one riskier than the other?” He says “There is no difference just one is fast and the other is slow and takes about a half hour to work.” This from a guy who attended medical school. OF COURSE I WANT THE FAST KIND!!!!

Like any mother I will tell you it was all worth it. Every single thing.

It's hard to believe he was this small


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