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Of course it all makes sense now

I also own two dogs, Samson & Wiggle. We are truly a blended family here. Fritz had Samson and I had Wiggle before we ever got together. We were worried about how the two would get along in the beginning but they get along like a house one fire, if the house was very small and cranky and the other part of the house was trying to eat everything in sight.

Samson in a Dog Coat

So Samson has a unique way of looking at the world, his attitude can best be summed up as “Can I eat that?” Everything goes through this filter of perception. Samson once ate a rock that had to be surgically removed from his stomach. Then a few weeks later he ate another rock that fortunately passed through without being surgically removed.

All my dogs have been free fed their entire lives. I basically put down some dull dry food and they as much as they have to. They never seem to overeat, they just eat as much as they need. Wiggle is slim and trim and has been her entire life. Ever since Samson entered our life that is. Samson is given a small portion of food in the morning and a small portion in the evening and it’s measured out so that he doesn’t explode. If we free fed Samson he’d turn into a dog sausage with itty bitty little legs sticking out. He’d be so fat he wouldn’t be able to walk.

Now breakfast around here is very casual. Matthew gets a bowl of Cheerios or some toast and he eats at the coffee table. Samson stands either below him, hoping for manna from the heavens or on the sofa watching Matthew’s food. He has also become a proficient coffee table surfer. He puts a paw up there and drags a cheerio or a piece of toast into his gaping maw. I spend a lot of time yelling at him to go lay the hell down and leave Matthew’s food alone.

In any case a while back Fritz saw this article. He immediately forwarded it to me. It was an article about how an owner of two dogs died and the dogs ate him. Our immediate reaction was, of course it all makes sense now. I now make sure I move regularly to indicate to Samson that I am still alive. It’s been quite the adventure.


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