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The Nose Knows - Rental Tips

When you are doing a property showing use your eyes, ears, and nose and a hefty dose of common sense.

Recently I showed a property and the potential tenants smelled like they just smoked a joint in their car. When the owner asked what I thought, I told them, they smelled like weed.

The owner said - "Well everyone smokes weed these days" which is somewhat true.

Here's the difference, if you go to a property showing and you reek like weed, you're not just smoking a joint on the weekend, you are invested in the lifestyle, and because this is a condominium and people in condos don't like the building to stink of weed, and smell it in the common areas etc. It's going to cause problems. For Sure. For me, it's a no.

My disdain for stinkerific things isn't limited to just weed. A week ago, I had another showing where at 10:00 am the tenant reeked like he just drank a gallon of vodka, or some other alcohol. Same principle applies... if you stink of booze at 10:00 am, its more than a couple beers on the weekend.

You can have a cat, but if I can smell your cats or your dogs on you, I'm not renting to you. it's a sign that you don't take care of yourself, your jacket and your dog/cat.

The favorite part of my job is meeting potential tenants, but I'm using common sense, and my eyes, and my nose, and my ears (Listening) to evaluate the potential tenant. Without decent tenants and decent landlords this business is impossible. I know that there are excellent people looking for a place and I want to find them. Many landlords out there are terrified, and some of that is justified, but you can't rent your place terrified.

So when you are renting a place out, keep this in mind, use all your senses because what your tenant smells like today is your place tomorrow.

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