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We find the tenants, so you don't have to

Do you want better tenants, more rent and less headaches?

Our expert team are here to help you!

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Interviews with Rachelle

In these insightful interviews Rachelle gets into real stories and useful information for all Landlords.


Stories, advice, and updates about rules & regulations... Rachelle talks about it all!

Some of Our Services Include
Apartment Building
Moving Day
Property Management


Landlord Rescue manage rental buildings from single family dwellings to multiple units up to quad-plexes. Nightmare problems with tenants can be avoided by pro-active management.


You have a crappy tenant, they don’t pay the rent or they’re causing all kinds of other problems. You find the Landlord & Tenant Board Website and you realize this is going to be damn hard. N-4? Huh?

Lawyer with Clients
Paralegal Advice


We work with experienced paralegals who know how to manage the intricacies of the Landlord & Tenant Board. It has never been more important to consult with a knowledgeable paralegal when you have questions.

What Our Clients Say About Us

~ Lina

About 1 year ago I was referred to you and won't forget how welcoming and reassuring our first phone call was. Since then, you and Dina have given me tremendous peace of mind by how well you have managed everything.


Thank you, for having taken me on & how you have alleviated me of a stressful situation!

~ Monica


Thank you for your support during this time.

You are the most brilliant, efficient, hard working individual I have ever met.

Thank you!

~ Alynne

I don't have enough words really to express my gratitude to Rachelle for her advice. I happened upon her website quite by accident as I was surfing the net to try to find answers to a really stressful "roommate" situation without much luck.


I took a chance and sent a message outlining our circumstance and what to do. She responded right away. Her response was short and to the point and answered the question I had. We ended up having more questions as time went along and again I reached out and again she responded right away.


The result was not only that we had answers we needed on how to proceed and what our rights were, but our stress level dropped dramatically. If there was a star rating, I would give 5 stars!

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