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Landlord – The horrible and best tenants

It’s been a very strange day, I’m very happy that I’m writing more articles for people. I just like writing. Today two posts were published on the same day which was awesome.

I wrote the Stripper with Dirty Feet for Money Smarts Blog. This was my first attempt at humor. It seems pretty funny to me but I get my own jokes so making myself giggle with my writing may mean that I’ve just been spending too much time on my own.

Then I also wrote a great post about How To Attract Great Tenants for Million Dollar Journey. This was a more serious post about how to present your property. Believe me it’s hard to be observant about your own property when you go there all the time. I had one lady tell me she never looks up even when I mentioned a bunch of spiderwebs to her.

I went downtown for an appointment today. I’m pretty sure I took the key out of the ignition in the wrong position. As I approached my vehicle I noticed the lights were on. Of course my battery was drained completely. Sometimes if you wait a bit your battery will build up enough juice to start your car so I decided to do that. Sitting in your car just waiting for time to pass without trying to start it is fiendishly impossible. I decided to clean off my battery posts a task I would rather put off until Hell freezes over.

Just to top it off I hadn’t eaten yet because for some strange reason, I thought today was Tuesday instead of Wednesday and my appointment caught me by surprise. I then had to race to the appointment instead of eat lunch. I thought I could stop on my way to the place, there was a McDonalds on the way. When I got to the McDonalds the drive through was under construction. I did not stop anywhere else even thought I was really starving.

So my great plan to wait was clearly a result of my spacy state of mind due to lack of food. It didn’t work. I had to call a cab to give me a boost. By then it’s around 5 and I finally got my car started and I was on my way.

Now I was just in time to make 2 appointments to show a property for rent. Finally I stopped and got some food. One really kind thing I can do for myself is to eat on a regular basis. I get to thinking and writing and doing things and I just put off taking care of myself.

What a crazy day….

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